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Changes to Payroll Deduction

Southwest Airlines Federal Credit Union (SWACU) is in the process of making necessary changes to better align with new technology and to standardize direct deposits—and to better serve you, our valued Members. One of the necessary changes relates to payroll deductions being made from your paycheck and deposited into various accounts at SWACU. You have been identified as a SWACU member with a “Credit Union” payroll deduction and your action is required to continue the disbursement of funds to SWACU. This means you must take action now and update your direct deposit information via the Direct Deposit section of SWALife.

What should members do:

ON SWALIFE (SWALife/Employee Services/Launch About Me/My Money/Direct Deposit)

  1. Review Pay Statement prior to December 20, 2020 to find “Credit Union” and the dollar amount being deducted each pay period in the “Deductions” field in the top right section of your Pay Statement. To find your Pay Statement, go to SWALife/Employee Services/Launch About Me/My Money/Pay Statements

  2. Go to SWALife to review how your direct deposit information is set up. SWALife/Employee Services/Launch About Me/My Money/Direct Deposit
    1. If SWACU is set up as “MAIN BANK,” in the “Direct Deposit” section, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE ANY CHANGES. The Credit Union Deduction goes away and your SWACU Direct Deposit amount will increase. No further action is needed.
    2. If you currently have SWACU as “OTHER BANK” in the “Direct Deposit” section, you must increase the amount of your “Direct Deposit” by the amount of the Credit Union deduction on your Pay Statement  (in the “Deduction” section labeled “Credit Union”). To do this, select the pencil icon to increase the dollar amount to include the amount in the “Deduction” section labeled “Credit Union” on your Pay Statement and then “save.”
    3. If you DO NOT have SWACU set up in the “Direct Deposit” section of SWALife as one of your financial institutions, you will need to click “ADD” in the “Bank Information” field to add the information for SWACU and then enter the amount in the “Deduction” section labeled “Credit Union” in the top right of the Pay Statement.

Your attention in making changes if necessary is required to continue automatic deposits and payments of your accounts with SWACU. Otherwise, your loan payment will become delinquent or your deposit will not happen.If you need assistance with account information to complete the set-up, please contact us at 1-800-262-5325 x192.

If you need further assistance on setting up direct deposit on SWALife, please contact SWA Employee Services at (877) 792-4792 then say, "Payroll" or press 1, then say "Employee Service Center," or press 4.

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