At SWACU, we're all about the LUV. When it comes to our checking accounts, we're also all about the free — as in free checking with no strings attached!

Take our Free LUV Checking account. The name says it all. This account features no monthly service charge and tons of e-Services, so you can show your money some TLC wherever you are, anytime of the day or night.


Not currently enrolled in eStatements?
Effective April 1, 2018, a fee of $1 per mailed statement will be assessed to the member account. Member's under 18, and over the age of 65 will be exempt. To enroll in to eStatements follow these steps:

From your HOME screen on your online baking, select E-SERVICES. Under the E-SERVICES tab select ESTATEMENT SELECTION then update the service to ELECTRONIC and finally CONTINUE to save your selection.

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