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How to set up notifications while traveling

The last thing you want to worry about on vacation is your credit or debit card not working. Setting up a travel notification helps us keep your card secure and watch for any unusual activity.

Credit & Debit Cards:

  1. Log into SWACU online banking
  2. Select your name > Messages > Compose New Message
  3. Choose Category “Debit/Credit Card Inquiry”
  4. Enter subject line “Travel Notification”
  5. Please include in the message:
    1. What card(s) you want to be included (debit, credit or both)
    2. Dates you'll be traveling
    3. Countries you’ll be visiting
    4. The best way to contact you if we notice suspicious activity

If your card is lost or stolen contact SWACU.

If you're traveling internationally, make sure to checkout our blocked countries list.

Why does SWACU have blocked countries?

Fraud protection for our members is our top priority. In an ongoing effort to protect your exposure on your personal account, we block ATM/debit access to specific countries with which we have experienced rising fraud risk on our members' accounts.


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