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Adding Southwest Airlines Federal Credit Union as a free benefit for your employees can grant your employees access to higher dividends, lower interest on loans and credit cards, and superior service on a wide range of financial matters. We want to partner with you and your company to provide your employees with the best opportunity for their futures. The best part is, it is free for you and free for your employees! Southwest Airlines Federal Credit Union is not a community credit union. We partner with companies to offer our membership as an employee benefit.

Why should you partner with SWACU?

SWACU is not-for-profit

Credit Unions are not-for-profit, which means we pass our earnings on to our members in the form of lower rates, bigger rewards, and zero to low fees for you and your employees. We help their dollars stretch further.

Financial Education

SWACU offers financial education through on-site classes and Green Path Debt Solutions, which is free to our members. We can help point your employees in the direction of getting out of debt and managing their budgets. 

Convenience and access 

SWACU has members from all 50 states, we know the importance of being convenient and easy to access. We not only are part of Shared Branching with over 50,000 branch locations nationwide, but we also ensure our mobile services are free and always improving.

What do we provide your employees?

How can your business join SWACU?

1. Headquarters must be located within 25 miles of one of our branches to qualify for membership

2. Fill out form if you have questions or are ready to talk to a Business Development Representative 

3. Complete and sign the Select Employee Group Letter on your company’s letterhead and email it back to [email protected]

4. Inform your employees of your new partnership with SWACU  and schedule your first on-site visit

What other Companies are a Select Employee Group?

We have partnered with over 200 businesses within our Dallas, Houston, and Phoenix markets. Here are some you may recognize. 

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