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SWACU Fraud Alert

We STRONGLY SUGGEST taking the following precautions to protect your account: 

  1. Pay attention to activity on your account.
  2. Log in at least weekly to look for any suspicious transactions.
  3. Change log in information on home banking and other sites using complex usernames and passwords to protect your accounts.
  4. Set up account alerts for both micro deposits (under $1.00) and alerts for withdrawals from your accounts. For a detailed video on how to set up account alerts in online banking click here
  5. Pay attention to emails from SWACU. These emails are sent anytime a change is made to the personal information in your account, like email or password.
  6. Lock your credit bureaus and only unlock them as needed. To learn about credit freezes and fraud alerts click here
  7. Do not store any debit or credit card information or login/passwords in merchant shopping or account aggregation sites.

For additional tips on how to protect your account check out our latest blog post "Slam Down the Hackers and Keep Your Bank Account Protected in 2022".

SWACU Security Alert

We want to make you aware that if you receive a call from our 800 number or any local number that appears to be a SWACU phone number, it may not be a SWACU employee. These callers (Fraudsters) are spoofing the Credit Union phone numbers (numbers masked to look like our number) so that it appears as if it is a legitimate SWACU employee. Please ask for a name and let the caller know you will return their call at SWACU. Hang up and call us at the number listed on our homepage at... remember we will NEVER ask you for personal information including Debit or Credit Card PIN numbers.

If we contact you via phone, mail, email, or text we will not ask for your personal information. Be on the lookout for spoofing emails, texts, and phone calls designed to get information on your personal accounts. If you experience any suspicious activity, please call us and speak with one of our staff to notify them of your concerns.

As always, we encourage our members to monitor your account activity and let us know if you ever notice anything abnormal. We care about you and your financial security.

Security Tips:


  • Never provide personal information to anyone who has contacted you
  • Never click on links in emails to enter account information, usernames, or passwords


  • Review security tips listed on the FTC Website
  • Consider resetting home banking passwords
  • Pay attention to emails for odd email addresses, misspelled words, and typos
  • Pay attention to your accounts for abnormal transactions and notify your financial institution immediately
  • If you receive a suspicious phone call asking for personal information, please hang up. If you are concerned about the validity, you may call us at the number listed on our website to confirm whether or not we attempted to contact you.

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