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MoneyIsland is a fun-filled online world where kids learn valuable financial skills through exciting quests to exotic destinations. They even earn real-life rewards along the way.

SWACU provides MoneyIsland free to all members. The lessons children learn will last them a lifetime, giving them a head start to a secure financial future.

  • Account holders' children are eligible for game
  • Geared for kids ages 8 to 14
  • Free, multi-level online game
  • Ongoing content, blogs, contests, and more
  • Teaches valuable financial skills while having fun
  • Meets national standards for financial literacy
  • Physical passport enhances online learning
  • Parents have access to advanced admin tools
  • Suggested materials for further lessons
  • Real-life rewards
  • Kids have own, real-life savings account

Check out the MoneyIsland world and play a demo version.

The principles of financial responsibility and decision-making are built into the quests of MoneyIsland. Most importantly, so is fun.

Lessons are introduced by lively characters who interact with kids along the way. Kids earn, spend, and invest "buckets" as they strive to become gurus ready for financial success on the mainland.

The knowledge gained will put kids on a path to a healthy retirement before they have even earned their first paycheck!

Ongoing Content

The quests continue even after kids have completed MoneyIsland by saving Stone Broke. Additional games, contests, blogs and more are provided at age-appropriate levels.


Kids love games, and they love real rewards too. MoneyIsland kids, who complete the course and send us their certificate, are eligible for one of three rewards. If they do not have a savings account with us, they can open the account and we will provide the initial $5 opening deposit. Existing members who already have a savings account can opt for a MoneyIsland t-shirt or SWACU zipper pouch when they complete MoneyIsland and send us the certificate. One reward per person.


A MoneyIsland Passport is a cool way to connect the online experience to a real-world item. Kids use the passport to "stamp" their progress through the MoneyIsland world with colorful stickers. The passport reinforces the images, characters, and lessons learned in the game. And it provides one more way for grown-ups to interact with the kids as they learn.

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