fiftykstrong-page#50KStrong represents the strength of SWACU, which includes our nearly 50,000 members! During 2017, we want to see the faces behind our 50k members! Did you just buy a car with a SWACU Auto Loan? Take a pic! Did you just refinance your home? Selfie time!

Each month, we will pick one member's photo submission to win a special prize! In addition, we will be using your submitted photos throughout our promotional materials and in branches during 2017.

We are proud of our members and honored to be your credit union, let us show you off!

#50KStrong Photo Submission

In order to be eligible for the monthly prize, there are a few things each submission must contain.

1. You must be a member of Southwest Airlines Federal Credit Union and 18 or older.

  • If your photo contains a minor, you must be the legal guardian.
  • If your photo contains other members, you must have their written permission to submit the photo.

2. In your photo, wear a #50KStrong t-shirt or hold up the "I am #50KStrong" card.

3. Complete the form or make your submission through the "#50KStrong" tab on our Facebook page at

4. Answer one of the two questions

  • What do you LUV about being part of #50KStrong?
  • How is SWACU all about U?

5. Agree to SWACU's Talent Release Policy

6. Email your photo to

#50KStrong Submission Form

We'd love to see you!