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With everything that changes lives, it’s good to know that there’s one thing that won’t – your membership with Southwest Airlines Federal Credit Union!  “Once a member, always a member” is a philosophy that SWACU offerto its members no matter the reason. If you change jobs, retire, move out of town, or whatever changes may occur in your personal life or work environment, you can be a member for life. All it takes is keeping a minimum of $5 in your share savings account* to keep your membership active. 

While some of the ways you take advantage of our many products and services may be different, the conveniences and quality of services that you receive will remain.

Here are ways we can continue to work with you: 


Congrats! Not only do you get to enjoy your retirement, but you will continue to enjoy your membership at SWACU forever. And even if you travel or stay near home, you can always bank with SWACU Online Banking or Mobile Banking 

New Career 

Whether you are re-mapping your career path or starting a new job, SWACU will help along the way. No matter where you work, once you're a member at SWACU your membership will continue to remain. Just be sure to maintain a $5 balance in your savings account* to continue utilizing all products and services. 


Where you go, SWACU goes! If you are relocating to a new city, remember you can still manage your account by using SWACU Online Banking from anywhere. If you need to withdraw money or need to make an in-branch transaction use Shared Branching. And with coast-to-coast locations of  ATMs and Shared Branching, your options are endless. 

*Members must remain in good standing with Southwest Airlines Federal Credit Union to maintain their membership. 


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